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Our LEARN-TO workshops and events include 3D and 2D specialist skills workshops and demonstrations primarily for practicing artisans, but we also welcome enthusiasts!


Workshops are for all skill levels from beginners to advanced and will focus on specific skills and techniques.  So, if you are a seasoned professional looking to learn new skills, a recent graduate or even a keen beginner, there is something for everyone. You can build on skills to expand your offering or perhaps take your work in a whole new direction. 


You can participate in a group workshop of up to 10 fellow jewellers or book a private 1:1 with an instructor. Or just drop in to our DEMO LUNCH & LEARN sessions where you can see experts demonstrate their skills and ask questions. 


If you need advice on which level is right for you, or even have a suggestion for a workshop on a particular technique or skill you’d love to learn then please get in touch.

We will also be offering group and 1:1 mentoring workshops, work placements and apprenticeships as part of a wider business support program.