LEARN-TO Foldformed Leaf Garland & Stem SAT 12 OCT

Date: Saturday 12 October, 2024

Start Time: 10am

End Time: 4:30pm

Venue: FORGE

During this small-scale metalworking class you will create copper leaves using the contemporary metalsmithing technique of Foldforming. Essentially, foldforming involves taking sheet metal, folding it and then through repeated and targeted hammering the metal will be stretched and curved.

When the flat hammered template is opened up, using your hands, surprisingly life-like leaves are created. The resulting leaves will be silver soldered onto an organically twisting wire garland or onto individual stems of copperwire and then manipulated into aesthetically pleasing forms. The finishing touches to give the copper leaves the added wow factor include flux and flame patination, filing and burnishing.

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What will I make?

Using copper sheet you will either create 5 small to medium sized leaves to create an organically twisting garland, or 3 larger leaves to be displayed on individual stems. Garlands can be displayed in many ways in the home, either hanging from a pin on the wall, draping from a shelf or surrounding a candle on the table. Individual stems can be stood in a vase, poked into the soil in a plant pot or even placed outside in the garden.

What will happen on the day?

The tutor will demonstrate the basics of the technique used and then the class will design their own leaves, either real or imagined, and be free to work at their own pace. This will allow the tutor time to help guide everyone individually as they work and ensure a good health and safety when using a hot flame. There will be many samples on display to be used as inspiration.

In the afternoon the leaves will be silver soldered onto the copper wire and then manipulated into the desired shape, before a final cleaning, patinating, filing and burnishing to enhance the colours and form of your artworks.

Students will use fundamental metalsmithing techniques, such as annealing, hammer forging, filing and saw piercing. As well as using finishing processes to give the designs the wow factor and turn them into art to display in the home, including cleaning, burnishing and flame patination.

Earplugs will be provided, as it does get noisy when hammering begins.

What skills do I need?

Intermediate & Advanced

For those who already have some prior knowledge on the subject or have relevant skills.

Ideal for makers looking to up skill and advance their practice.

What should I bring?

- Glasses/ reading glasses

- Notebook and pen if you want to take notes

- Apron

- Hair band to tie hair back when necessary

What should I wear? 

Clothes: Casual and not too precious as they may get a bit dusty or damaged.  Avoid long, loose fitting sleeves and anything that might catch or get caught whilst you are working.

Shoes: Casual flat shoes and no open toed sandals in case you drop a hammer or something hot on them!

Hair: Tie long hair back.

Who is my instructor?

Emma-Jane Rule is an award winning Contemporary Metalsmith, with a workshop at StudionAme in Leicester. She is a member of Design-Nation and has exhibited nationally at contemporary art, craft and design events.

Her handcrafted contemporary metalwork is created using traditional silversmithing skills as well as the metalworking technique of foldforming, creating unique and collectible metal art.

Taking inspiration from the rhythms and patterns found in nature, Emma-Jane’s portfolio includes decorative vessels and wall art in silver and base metals, lighting and jewellery.

How do I get there? 

See contact page for details on public transport and parking.