LEARN-TO Anodising Niobium SAT 22 MARCH 2025

Date: Saturday 22 March, 2025

Start Time: 10am

End Time: 4:30pm

Venue: FORGE

You will be guided through the theory and science behind anodising niobium. You will experiment and play with niobium and titanium to create a spectrum of colours and finishes on the metal, before creating your finished piece.

There will be plenty of time for discussions and relaxed, playful making.

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What will I make?

You will create a 3” x 3” colourful niobium wall tile for your home, which you can either mount straight to your wall or in a frame. You will have experimented with anodising smaller pieces of niobium and titanium before starting your finished design.

What will happen on the day?

We will start the day with an introduction to refractory metals, with a presentation by Alice focusing on the theory and applications of niobium anodising. Following this, you will be shown demonstrations in dip, sponge, brush, masked and relief anodising techniques. Alice will also guide you through setting up the equipment.

You will then have the opportunity to practice these techniques and experiment on small pieces of titanium and niobium to create colour samples. You will also be supplied with tape (to mask off sections of your designs), scalpels, pencils, and various finishing materials and brushes. Following your experiments, you will be supplied with a 3” x 3” sheet of 0.51mm thick niobium for your design. Alice will help you with your designs and guide you through anodising your finished piece.

If you finish your piece and would like to try more, there will be the opportunity to buy additional niobium to try out.

What skills do I need?


Perfect for those starting out or who have little to no experience.

What should I bring?

- Reading glasses (if you need them!) 

- Design/ drawing ideas for the colourful plate you want to create

- Notebook/ sketchbook and drawing materials

- If you would like to apply your own metalworking skills to this class, please bring your own equipment (such as gravers or texture punches & hammers).

- Money or card payment for additional niobium if wanted.

What should I wear? 

Clothes: Casual and not too precious as they may get a bit dusty or damaged.  Avoid long, loose fitting sleeves and anything that might catch or get caught whilst you are working.

Shoes: Casual flat shoes and no open toed sandals in case you drop a hammer or something hot on them!

Hair: Tie long hair back.

Who is my instructor?

Alice Fry is an award-winning jeweller and silversmith specialising in niobium and chasing & repoussé. Alice is the only maker teaching niobium anodising classes in England.

How do I get there? 

See contact page for details on public transport and parking.