FlatForm Pendant

This kit is exclusive to FORGE and designed by our founder - Amanda Mansell. You will transform a flat piece of plywood into a simple but bold pendant, bought to life with texture and the golden glow of gold leaf.

Designed by us, made by you!

What is included in the kit?

- Laser cut plywood sheet

- Imitation gold leaf sheets

- Gold size (the glue!)

- Cotton wool bud

- Cotton wool pad

- 2 paint brushes

- Faux leather cord

- Online video access code

What else do I need?

- Tweezers (Eyebrow tweezers will do the trick!)

- Clear nail varnish

What is the difficulty level?

This is classified as 'Moderate' because some patience is needed when applying the gold leaf which can be a little fiddly. You will need a clear space and 'me' time to complete it. So make sure the kids are in bed and there's no one around who might disturb you and waft the gold leaf away!

What format is the 'HOW-TO' guide?

A step-by-step video on Vimeo and your kit will contain the access code.

What are the finished dimensions?

Diameter: 40mm

Cord length: 1000mm

What are the materials & finish?

Imitation gold leaf applied to Plywood 

Faux leather cord

How do I care for the made product?

Once made the pendant is fairly durable but you should avoid getting it wet so we'd definitely advise against wearing it in the shower or swimming pool!

What is the availability & delivery time?

This is a stock item and will be delivered within 2 working days. 

Delivery is by Royal Mail Next Day Special Delivery. Please see our Delivery page for more details on prices.