June Showcase: Spangle Fandango

Spangle Fandango creates jewellery with unusual forms and juxtapositions of colour that will surprise and delight. Spangle Fandango is the creation of Emma Lawrence who has had a passion for all things shiny for as long as she can remember. Her fascination for beads as objects of beauty, symbols of status, use in exchange and adornment draws from her Anthropological background. She sources reusable and antique beads and uses recycled precious metals. Weaving tiny glass beads and casting precious metals into intricate charming forms, Spangle Fandango sincerely wishes to create jewellery that whisks you away to another world.

"I particularly love including vintage and ancient beads in my work. Knowing that a bead has a history and has been treasured in the past increases its interest and provides all sorts of opportunities for the imagination. I believe jewellery should bring joy and delight and so by reusing and recycling beautiful materials any harm created in jewellery manufacture is minimised. Recycling precious materials is the least we can do in the jewellery trade, these materials are finite and difficult to obtain, respecting them increases the enjoyment of our jewellery. "