MASTERMAKER: Vicki Ambery-Smith FRI 5 JUL

Date: Friday 05 July, 2024

Start Time: 2pm

End Time: 7pm

Venue: FORGE

Join us on Friday 7 July and enjoy a very special talk and workshop with the revered Vicki Ambery-Smith!  Apply fretwork techniques used extensively in Vicki's work and make your own ornate window pendant. 

What is our MasterMaker Series?
These monthly events embody what FORGE stands for: exceptional design, the preservation of skills, and the sharing of knowledge. They are limited to 10 people for a unique & intimate, exclusive experience with a highly skilled & accomplished designer. 

During 5 captivating hours, you’ll engage in a talk, witness a live demonstration, and partake in a hands-on workshop, all guided by the MasterMakers themselves. The event concludes with a relaxed chat and mingle over wine and delicious sushi from our neighbours Mugen

Limited places available! Booking essential.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity!

Price is per person.

What will I make?

Following an insightful talk, you will partake in an exclusive afternoon making a unique silver pendant designed specifically for this MasterMaker workshop.

What will happen on the day?

This is a wonderful opportunity to hear Vicki talk about her journey and how her work has evolved over the years, handle some of her stunning pieces, hear about her processes, and commissions over the years, which has culminated in her recent book: Jewellery & Silverware - Inspired by Architecture. 

After the talk, Vicki will demonstrate the fretwork technique for your pendant as well as creating depth by layering soldering silver sheet stepped to give the effect of window tracery. 
You will:

- Master the use of a jeweller’s saw to cut intricate patterns and shapes.

- Practice precision and control to achieve clean, detailed cuts in silver

- Learn the fundamentals of soldering silver, including preparing the metal, applying flux, and using a torch.

- Practice layering and soldering multiple pieces of silver sheet to add depth and dimension to your pendant.

- Explore various texturing techniques to add surface interest and detail.

- Learn finishing techniques to polish and perfect your pendant, ensuring a professional finish.

What skills do I need?

This workshop is suitable for all levels

- Beginners Perfect for those starting out or who have little to no experience.

- Intermediate For those who already have some prior knowledge on the subject or have relevant skills.

- Advanced Ideal for makers looking to up skill and advance their practice.

What should I bring?

- All materials will be provided.

- Reading glasses (if you need them!) 

- Note book and pen.

What should I wear? 

Clothes: Casual and not too precious as they may get a bit dusty or damaged.  Avoid long, loose fitting sleeves and anything that might catch or get caught whilst you are working.

Shoes: Casual flat shoes and no open toed sandals in case you drop a hammer or something hot on them!

Hair: Tie long hair back.

Who are my instructors?

Vicki Ambery-Smith’s distinctive style of silversmithing reflects her great interest in architecture. Using techniques of manipulation and trompe d’oel to get her desired effect to play with the power of architecture, inspire fantasy or trigger a memory.

Each piece is an interpretation of a particular building.   She specialises in celebratory and commemorative pieces which capture the client’s love and affection for a building of special significance.

Growing up in Oxford initially inspired her and she studied jewellery design at the famous Hornsey College of Art before being awarded a Crafts Council grant to establish her own workshop in 1977. 

She has exhibited widely ever since and her work has been selected for many public and private collections around the world, including the Royal Scottish Museum, Norwich Castle Museum, Los Angeles Museum for Contemporary Art and Houston University, Texas. The Victoria & Albert Museum, London, acquired a selection of her design drawings as well as pieces for their jewellery and silver departments.  

In 2022 Her book:  Jewellery & Silverware inspired by Architecture was published by Unicorn Press.  tgis will be avaialbel to buy 

How do I get there? 

See contact page for details on public transport and parking.