July Showcase: Epona Smith

Epona Smith is a London based jeweller and hand-engraver, who specialises in traditional, Italian hand-push engraving. She transforms traditional heirlooms into contemporary jewellery by utilising ancient skills to create modern classic. She engraves precious metals with textures of silk and velvety finishes, as well as decorative patterns of floral, infinite and damask motifs, creating unique and distinctive pieces. She discovered her passion for hand-engraving in Florence, Italy and skilfully merges the classic European technique elements with a sophisticated oriental attitude.

She has won numerous awards such as The Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council Hand Engraving Bronze Award and Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust Award. She was the winner of Collect Art Fair 2023 – Collect Open for her art installation “A Ladies Boudoir”. The judges lauded the original idea as expertly executed and displaying “many levels of craftsmanship and complexity of processes”. She states: “My work is not only to integrate the beauty of European and Asian cultures, but also to redefine the way of story telling of traditional culture and create a new aesthetic.”