Tamsin Francesca

Beechnut the Sleepy Dormouse Necklace in Silver

Beechnut the sleepy dormouse, in her hand crocheted fine silver nest, is encircled by protective beech leaves. A charming, meaningful necklace for all nature lovers.

Each leaf is hand embossed with lace, giving the surface a rich but subtle texture like the crumple leaves that keep little dormice warm through winter. Three leaves can rotate around Beechnut as she sleeps, so when you wear your locket, she is your secret, kept safe until you choose to open the beech leaves to reveal her in her crocheted wire nest. Snug as a, well, dormouse in a nest! 

This is a truly special wildlife Jewellery collection. Each little dormouse is cast from the original 6mm sculpture, which was hand sculpted with a sewing needle. 

Materials & finish

Sterling Silver  

Sizes available

Dimensions W 10mm/1cm, L 17mm/1.7cm.    Chain length 20" / 48cm

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