Ute Decker & Rachel Church

Date: Tuesday 20 June, 2023

Start Time: 6.00 PM

End Time: 8.00 PM

Venue: FORGE

Please join us for a wonderful In-Conversation with Ute Decker and Rachel Church.  Ute is known for her instantly recognisable effortlessly free flowing and bold sculptural forms.  She has championed ethical and stainable practice for many years, but what else inspires and motivates her? 

Ute Decker created an innovative method of sculpting, bending, and twisting gold and silver into expressive three-dimensional “geometric poetry”. Each of her wearable sculptures are a conversation pieces.  
She has exhibited internationally and her sculptural jewellery pieces are found in major private and public collections including the Victoria & Albert Museum.  

Her unique and limited-edition pieces are as engaging worn on the body as they are displayed on a plinth. Her contemporary jewellery practice is enriched by her experience in other mediums such as sculpture, textiles, paper and ceramics. 
Ute’s journalistic background continues to inform her practice: she thinks carefully about her work and its context in society and the environment, and unites her creative practice with a committed social engagement. Combining the poetic with the political, the clean and pure lines of decker’s pieces reflect the purity and mindful choice of her material’s provenance. 

Ute is a pioneer of the international ethical jewellery movement. She works predominantly in recycled silver and was one of the very first worldwide to create pieces in Fairtrade Gold.  She is a regular speaker on the subject and through her website she established the world’s largest free online resource on green jewellery practices. she is passionate about sharing her knowledge, raising public awareness and facilitating change amongst makers and the public.

Rachel Church fell in love with jewellery during twenty years working as a curator at the Victoria & Albert Museum. It gave her the chance to work on major gallery projects, write books and articles and handle amazing works of art. It also led her to thinking about the deeper relevance of jewellery, perhaps one of the world’s oldest art forms. From the dazzling jewels of royalty to the everyday gold wedding ring, jewellery carries so many meanings.

Who is it for?

Designers, makers and individuals in the trade, as well as interested members of the general public!

How many spaces?

Places are limited please book.

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