MAKE-DAY: Blended Enamel Silver Pendant SAT 20 APRIL

Date: Saturday 20 April, 2024

Start Time: 10am

End Time: 2pm

Venue: FORGE

In this class you will learn the ancient technique of cloisonné vitreous enamelling, focusing on blending the colours to create a beautiful gradient. You will learn how to attach the silver cloisons, and then how to fire layers of enamel to create a beautifully blended colour surface.

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What will I make?

You will make a sterling silver cloisonné enamel pendant using blended colours.

What will happen on the day?

You will be guided through making a silver cloisonné vitreous enamel pendant using a sterling silver oval shape that has been prepared for your use. Through demonstrations and one to one support, you will learn to create a simple silver cloisonné wire design, that you will then add layers of coloured enamel to. 

The emphasis will be on designs that exploit the opportunity to graduate the colours, creating a blended effect, for example blue to green or light to dark. Each layer will be fired in a kiln for one or two minutes before you add another layer, and the colours will be built up over three or four separate firings. You will be able to choose your own colours from a limited selection and you will finish the class with a a piece that is unique to you.

What skills do I need?

Difficulty Level: MEDIUM

No previous experience needed, just a steady hand, a little patience and willingness to give it a go! Don't worry if you feel you're not artistic or creative, you will be taken through the whole process step by step.

What should I bring?

- Reading glasses (if you need them!) 

- Pair of fine nosed scissors

- Hair band incase you'd like to tie your hair back

- Apron if you wish to protect your clothing

- Note book / paper and pencils

What should I wear? 

Clothes: Casual and not too precious as they may get a bit dusty or damaged.  Avoid long, loose fitting sleeves and anything that might catch or get caught whilst you are working.

Shoes: Casual flat shoes and no open toed sandals in case you drop a hammer or something hot on them!

Hair: Tie long hair back.

Who is my instructor?

Linda Connelly is an award winning enamel artist and jeweller who has been making enamelled jewellery for over thirty years from her studio in Surrey. She is an experienced tutor who spent nearly twenty years teaching enamelling and jewellery making in adult education, most recently teaching her own private classes up until the pandemic

How do I get there? 

See contact page for details on public transport and parking.