LEARN-TO Write your brand story THURS 18 JULY

Date: Thursday 18 July, 2024

Start Time: 6pm

End Time: 8.30pm

Venue: FORGE

If you’ve ever struggled to find the words to describe your jewellery, your brand or your business, this workshop is for you. Led by copywriter, journalist and jeweller Gemma Champ, who has written for everyone from John Lewis to Sotheby’s, you will learn to identify the most interesting and relevant parts of your brand and explore some writing techniques to help you articulate your story – including ways to make ChatGPT work for you.

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What will happen on the day?

Gemma will introduce you to a set of key skills and techniques to improve your writing in the future, and through a series of individual and group exercises you will build an effective biography. 

You will establish a tone of voice for your business, create a set of ‘boilerplate’ statements that you can refer to whenever you’re writing about yourself, and write a compelling biography for your About page.

What skills do I need?

All levels

Workshops that are designed to be flexible and accommodate all skill levels.

What should I bring?

Please bring any examples of your existing content that you would like to improve on, and some pictures or examples of your work.

Who is my instructor?

Gemma Champ has been a fashion and lifestyle journalist for 25 years and moved into commercial copywriting nearly 10 years ago. She has worked on the copy, branding and tone of voice for everyone from John Lewis and New Balance to EE and Martini, and has written about fashion and jewellery for The Guardian, The Times, Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, the Daily Mail, Sotheby’s and more. She teaches Fashion & Lifestyle Writing at the London College of Style and offers copy and content coaching to private clients. Gemma is also a jeweller, and her brand Alexandra Cordon is on Finematter.com and at Forge, where she is a permanent member

How do I get there? 

See contact page for details on public transport and parking.