LEARN-TO: Polish & Finish


Learn to polish like a pro, pick up some tips & tricks to create a mirror finish to see your smiling face in, as well as other finishing techniques. You will learn the basics to apply to your own work.

Price is per person.

What skills will I learn?

- Preparing metal

- Polishing compounds - what to use and when

- Other finishes

What should I bring?

- Pen

- Pencil

- Notebook

- Sample sheet metal

- Protective clothing and closed toe shoes

- Reading glasses or head visor (in case you need them!)

What is included?

- All polishing materials and equipment will be provided

- Silver sheet for finishing samples

- Guidance notes

- Health and safety sheets

What skills level is required?

Skills Level: BEGINNERS

This is suitable for anyone from beginners upwards who would like to learn how to finish and polish professionally.

Who is my instructor? 

Reggie Elliot founded Elliot Fitzpatrick over 30 years ago and has since gone on to be one of the top polishers in the UK!