LEARN-TO: Make a Box Catch


If you're designing an extra special necklace then it might need more than a standard off the shelf catch! The catch can often look as though it's been added as an after thought, rather than integral with the design of the necklace as a whole.

This workshop will introduce you to the skills and principles required to make a simple Box Catch which you will then be able to adapt to your own designs.

Price is per person

What skills will I learn?

- Scoring

- Folding

- Precision filing

- Spring harden metal

What should I bring?

- Pen

- Pencil

- Notebook

- Saw blades

- Silver solder

- Protective clothing and closed toe shoes

- Reading glasses or head visor (in case you need them!)

What is included?

All tools will be provided including scribe, pliers, files, buff sticks, soldering equipment, saw frames, borax (feel free to bring your own tools and equipment), silver sheet metal, guidance notes and Health & Safety sheets.

What skills level is required?

Skills Level: ADVANCED

This is for makers who can work independently and are highly confident in soldering, and precision work, marking out and piercing and have a good understanding of the skills required. This is not suitable for beginners.

Who is my instructor? 

Justin Wilson is a highly skilled Hatton Garden Artisan who began in 1974 as apprentice to high-end jeweller Graff. With so many years experience under his belt you will be in extremely capable hands.