MAKE-DAY: Pearl Stringing

Date: Saturday 17 June, 2023

Start Time: 12.30PM

End Time: 3.00PM

Venue: FORGE

Jewellery making workshop stringing a Freshwater Pearl bracelet! You will be supplied with genuine Freshwater Pearls, silver clasps, findings and beading tools to string your bracelet securely and professionally. No previous experience needed, just a steady hand and some patience

Price is per person.

What will I make?

You will be supplied with a selection of Freshwater Pearls, silver clasps and findings, beading tools and mats etc. to string your pearl bracelet securely and professionally.  


You will use genuine cultured Freshwater Pearls and 925 silver findings.  


What will happen on the day?

We will start the workshop looking at examples of what you will be making.

We will show you how to use all your tools and materials before we get started.  

You will learn how to knot, fasten clasps securely and finish the bracelet neatly and securely. We will practice a few times before stringing the final piece. It will be a bracelet fastened with knots towards the ends.

Don’t worry if takes a few attempts to get it right. We will guide and help you all the way through.

Once all bracelets have been finished, we all will conclude with refreshment and admire your group’s achievement! 

What skills do I need?

Difficulty Level: EASY / MEDIUM  

No previous experience needed, just a little bit of a steady hand, some patience and willingness to give it a go! You will be guided through every single step of the process and receive help wherever needed

What should I bring?

- Reading glasses (if you need them!) 

- Hair band incase you'd like to tie your hair back

What is included? 

You will be provided with everything you need, including freshwater pearls, thread and silver clasp.

What should I wear? 

Clothes: N/A

Shoes: N/A

Hair: If your hair is longer, we recommend tying your hair into a ponytail or use a headband. 

Who is my instructor?

Anja has 15 years of experience in Pearl stringing and beading, is enthusiastic about gemstones and Pearls, and has hosted workshops and training sessions in stringing and beading, for individual students as well as groups, i.e. at the V&A Christmas members’ event.  You will be in very good hands and taken care of. 


How do I get there? 

See contact page for details on public transport and parking.